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Movie Film

8mm, Super 8 and 16mm Reels must be in good enough shape to run through our Video Telecine Projectors. Warped or damaged film may not be able to be transferred. Price is based on the total footage of film billed at .18 per ft. Film reels vary in size from 3 inch 50 ft Reels to 8 inch 400 ft (50ft Reel = $9 400 ft Reel = $72)

We can check your film and add up your Total Footage to give you an estimate before we start your order if requested. Orders with several or more of the small 50 ft reels of film will be cleaned and spliced on to 400 ft Reels first. This allows us to fix any broken, upside down or backward reels, and assures a good smooth transfer. All film, reels and boxes will be returned with your order.

Most orders are done within a few days to a week, depending on volume. Rush Orders available for an additional fee.

We do not transfer any tape, film or material that is Copyrighted.


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