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I started Pro Video Transfer in 1984 after finishing Broadcasting School. As an Event Videographer, I filmed hundreds of weddings, graduations and sporting events as well as offering tape duplication and editing services.

In the AV Dept. at school, I learned how to run a 16mm Telecine Film Chain system. We were converting the library of 16mm Football Game Films to VHS tape, which was new at the time. I knew then that there would be a market for transferring 8mm and Super 8 Home Movies to Video as well. Shortly after going in business, I met the owner of Troy's Photo Inc., a local film processing chain, that was interested in adding Film to Video Services. In 1985, we designed and built The Pro Video Transfer Center specifically for Home Movies. We were one of the first in Shreveport to offer consumers professional quality 8mm & 16mm film transfer to VHS videotape. During the rest of the 1980's and 1990's, I provided transfer, editing and duplication services through Troy's Photo and several other One Hour Photo and Video Rental stores in the Shreveport/Bossier area.

Over the last 20 years, as One Hour Photo and Video Rental Stores became a thing of the past, Pro Video Transfer has been offering services directly to customers. In 2005, I moved my Main Studio to it's current location in the Kings Telemessaging Bldg at 554 Kings Hwy (corner of Kings and Creswell Ave) in Shreveport.

I also have 2 retail locations, Pack & Mail Shipping Center in Ruston and National Video Superstore in West Monroe. Both have been Family Owned and operated for years. I personally pick up and hand deliver orders to each.


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