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We Transfer Your Home Video & Film Formats to DVD


VHS & VHS-C, 8mm & Hi-8 tapes, Beta, Mini-DV & Camcorder Tapes


8mm, Super 8 & 16mm Projector Reels

Save Your Family Memories!

Are your Home Videos or Old Home Movies wasting away in your closet? Film Projectors, VCR's & Tape based Camcorders are no longer being made. Film & Tape formats both deteriorate over time and eventually will become unplayable even if you could find a working machine. Pro Video Transfer Center can transfer and preserve these precious memories to the digital DVD format for generations to come.

What we do...

Transfer VHS, VHS-C, 8MM, Hi-8 Tape, Mini DV, Camcorder Tape to DVD (Non-Copyright Material Only)
Movie Film 8MM, Super8 and 16MM Transfer To DVD
Photographs and Slides Scanned and Saved To Digital Format

Transfer to Digital DVD before it's too late!

Get extra DVD copies to share the gift of days gone by with everyone in your family!

Hi, my name is Ed

I have been in the film and video transfer business since 1984. If you bring your tapes or film to Pro Video Transfer, I will be the one responsible for your order. I do the work myself with help from my assistant and receptionist. (Sometimes the Mrs gets pressed into duty around Christmas) I work on just one order at a time and I do it right. If you have a question or need an estimate, I am the one who answers the phone. I will call you when your order is finished as well.

I treat each tape or film transfer as if it were for my own family. (Dad's Super 8 film was my 1st job!) Your Home Movies and Videos will be handled with care when you bring them to my Main Studio or either of my Retail Locations. (I also pick up and hand deliver the orders to those locations) Unlike our national chain competitors, you will not have to worry about anything ever getting lost or damaged by shipping .

If your looking for a local company with over 35 years experience in video production to transfer your home videos, bring them to Pro Video Transfer.


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